Things to Consider before Choosing the Perfect Type of Dog for Your Family

You decided that you and your family need a dog in your lives.  You all know the commitment it will take to care for the dog, and are willing to invest the time, money and energy, necessary to make this undertaking a success.  Now, to choose the perfect dog for your family, you need to consider a few things first.

5 Considerations when Choosing your Family Dog

  1. What is the Purpose of your dog? Will your dog firstly be a playmate and friend for your children and yourself?  In other words, a Companion, ‘Man’s best Friend’.  Will it need to guard your home?  You can choose out of a large variety of dog breeds from small to very big.  For home guarding your dog only needs to bark to give a warning.
  2. Does the Size of the dog make a difference? Take into consideration the space you have available for the dog.  Bigger dogs need more space and room for movement and exercise.  Smaller dogs tend to be indoors more and need to have enough room indoors for a little play and run activity.
  3. What is the Activity level of you and your family? Active members would like to have their four-legged friend to do activities with them, like jogging or walking.  Most dogs will be able to handle moderate exercise levels.
  4. How much grooming are you willing to do? Dogs with longer hair coats will need regular grooming, especially if they like the outdoors.
  5. Is the sex of the dog important? Did you consider the possibility of a litter of puppies later on?  Are you planning on neutering your dog?  Your answers will direct you in deciding on a male or female dog.

Now decide if you want to start with a puppy or an adult dog.  A puppy might be more work at first, and, although very cute when small, it also grows up to be an adult dog.  An adult dog should only be considered when used to contact with children and maybe other pets.

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