5 Essential Things to Do to Care Properly for your Toy Dog

Because Toy Dogs are down bred to be smaller, miniature sizes in some instances, they tend to be prone to many health issues.  In some cases, it can be serious health concerns such as hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) or heart problems and respiratory difficulties.  Through proper care and following a healthy dog lifestyle you can lessen the effect of these health issues.

The Basics of Daily Dog Care

Feeding and Fresh Water are the obvious basics to start with.  Small dogs usually need to eat smaller meals throughout the day.  But do not be fooled by their size.  Even small dogs will eat anything and everything chewable.  It is important to choose the correct food.  Fresh water should always be available and easy to access.

Dogs need a Daily Routine just as much as people.  They may not be able to tell the time of day, but they learn routine through activities.  If you always feed them just after your own meal, they will come to expect their food after you ate your meal.  When you play with them before bedtime they will come to know when it is bedtime.  It is not the time of day for them but the routine and the knowing in what to expect from certain actions.

Exercise and Play is an Important and Vital part of Dog life.  Even small dogs like to run and play.  They might not need to be outdoors the whole time, provided that there is enough space and playthings indoors.  Playtime is a wonderful bonding time.

Through Keeping up with vaccinations and visiting the Veterinarian once a year, you will help keep your dog healthy.

Small dogs need weekly grooming.  Grooming will include, bathing, brushing their coat, nail, ear, and teeth care.

Every dog should have his or her own bed.  This will be a safe place, where they can curl up and sleep, and also, the place for hiding their toys.