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The Best Dog Training Collars – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Training collars can be a great way to help enforce positive habits for any dog. Contrary to a misconception some people have, they don’t hurt the dog. Collars use different methods to get the dog’s attention, from sound, to a vibration, to a very minor shock. The shock isn’t enough to hurt the dog, it’s just enough for a mild discomfort. Before we take a look at some of the best collars out there, let’s take a look at some of the behaviors that they can correct.

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Top 5 Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Just because a dog is small, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is quieter. Large breeds of dogs have those loud, roar-like barks with so much bass that they could be mistaken for dubstep. Smaller breeds of dogs, on the other hand, can have a much more shrill and yappy style of bark that just pierces you to your core.

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